Signing up at a bookmaker: how to get started

Every bookmaker comes with its own set of opportunities that it offers to its customers. Most of them offer sports bets, which allow clients to wager in different sporting events. Other services include live-streaming of sport matches, lotteries, casinos, bingo, and much more. However, all these functions become available once the player has completed his registration in the bookmaker.

These companies offer a number of methods for creating new accounts. The most usual ones include one-click, by using phone numbers, social networks or only after filling the registration form. Regardless of the registration method, there are a few general requirements that if is not followed the registration at the bookmaker will be impossible.

Let’s examine a few examples:

  • Only citizens with adult age are allowed to bet and wager. It is also important to consider that the minimum age for betting and playing in casinos vary between countries, this means that it is extremely important to read and understand the terms and conditions of the service in order to properly register at the bookmaker.
  • All companies allow only one account per person. In other words, in case someone has already registered with a particular company, he will be completely forbidden from doing so again. This rule was created as an effort to avoid frauds when signing up (most bookmakers give a registration bonus for their new customers, this is why many people have attempted to create new accounts for getting those rewards again).
  • Phone numbers, email, and payment information can be utilized only once. If an account associated to any of these details already exists, it will not be possible to create a new username that would re-use them. In other occasions, registering again in a bookmaker from the same device is prohibited.
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What is the best bookmaker for a beginner to sign up?

Considering that there are a lot of gambling companies, it can be difficult for beginners to choose the right one for them. For this reason it is recommended to pay attention to several factors: the reliability and trustworthiness of the portal, the amount of events where it is possible to wager, bonuses being offered and registration methods. First, signing up at the bookmaker should be as simple as possible in order for the player to quickly create an account and become familiar with all the features of the site. When finding a website that fits all these conditions, then it will be possible to sign up at that place.

Signing up at a bookmaker from anywhere in the world: what are the offered methods
As previously indicated, bookmakers offer many ways to create a profile. In general they can be divided in two groups: the fast methods, and the ones who require to fill a registration form in the bookmaker.

Among the fast methods it is possible to find:

  • One click registration: some bookmakers allow creating accounts by simply indicating the country and currency of the client. After that, the player will be allowed to sign in, deposit money, and start betting.
  • Opening accounts by using a phone number. Bookmakers require registering a valid personal phone number. However, others simply allow to indicate one, along the preferred currency and the country of residence. This information should be enough to create an account.
  • Registering by using social networks: Many bookmakers offer the possibility to create accounts in their sites by selecting a social network. In this form, it is necessary to give permission to the company to access personal data, in exchange for the new account that will be created.

These methods for registering at bookmakers allow creating accounts in just a few minutes and immediately start betting. However, not all companies support these methods, since they can be not completely reliable. Therefore, when choosing a company the new customer must be prepared for being asked to fill a complete registration form, in which it will be necessary to indicate all the essential information, which includes: name, country, city, postal address, email address, phone number, and so on.

It is important to note that this data must be indicated when signing up by any form, but some of them allow the possibility to provide this information later. Therefore, the initial registration in a bookmaker can be done quickly. If everything goes well, the rest of the data may be asked later when filling the personal profile.

Objectively speaking, for beginners the best choice is to execute a quick registration, since they will join the bookmaker for informational purposes. Also, many companies offer the possibility of creating a demo account. This means that using the online bookmaker without registration allows to play with virtual money without risking the real one.

One of the main reasons why someone may choose a bookmaker over another is because of having a good bonus program. This is not surprising, because these promotions allow to make plays without risking real money, and also they permit winning the bonus back, which ultimately increased the winnings.

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Signing up at a bookmaker and obtaining a bonus

Signing up for a bookmaker with a bonus usually requires creating an account and then enter a promo code. With said code it may be possible to increase the amount of the welcome bonus in a few occasions. Depending on the bookmaker, the conditions of the promo can differ: some them can give 100% of what was added in the first deposit, while others can give a fixed amount, or free bets. In any case, all bonuses must be won back before being able to withdraw funds.

Each bookmaker has its own set of conditions that must be carefully understood by clients, but still there are some general recommendations:

  • Signing up with a bookmaker always implies that all the conditions set by the company must be fulfilled, therefore it is essential to become familiarized before playing with a bonus amount.
  • When adding funds to the account, take in consideration possible fees in order to ensure that the minimum amount needed to activate the promo is obtained.
  • Strictly follow the fulfillment of all conditions, as even a single violation will result in the cancellation of the bonus.
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Bookmakers with online registration or through an office: what to choose?

Depending on the company, some of them may allow registering only online, online and through their offices, or just through their offices. These physical locations are places where employees of the bookmaker work and where bets are received. Some of these places allow only signing up for a bookmaker.

To sign up through these places, it is only necessary to visit it carrying identity documents and filling the registration form. If necessary, workers of the company can provide help when doing this process.

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Registering at a bookmaker and making the first bet

Once the registration with a bookmaker is completed, the player will be asked to make his first deposit, afterwards, he will be allowed to start betting. It is possible to add funds to the account in many ways, which depends upon the company. Most often, clients are allowed to use bank cards, electronic wallets and payment portals.

Also there are companies who accept cryptocurrencies, mobile payments, by making online transfers and so on. Clients must choose their best option and make a deposit for no less than the minimum amount.

When the registration with a bookmaker is fully completed, it becomes possible to make the first bet. For doing this, the client must choose an interesting sporting event from any of the available disciplines. As an example, let’s suppose that someone chooses to wager in a Liverpool-Manchester City match from the English Premier League.

For doing this, it is necessary to visit the football section, then the tournament, and the desired match. Different odds will be shown there. Click on the desired one and it will be added to the coupon. Then it will be possible to select a specific outcome – such as the exact final score, whether there will be yellow cards or red cards, and much more. If the odds proposed by the bookmaker are satisfactory, the player can indicate the amount of the bet and wait until the game ends.Get a sign up bonus

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